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Field BSP Software Engineer - Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX
Ideal candidates have several years of experience, are familiar with embedded architectures having written and debugged device drivers and applications for RTOSs.
  • Experience with Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Experience with embedded systems
  • Strong programming skills in C / C++ required
  • Board bring-ups / board support package (BSP) experience
  • Experience with PowerPC, ARM, x86 or MIPS or any MMU-based architecture/assembly
  • Experience writing Low level device drivers such as Ethernet, serial, flash, I2C, interrupt controllers
  • Experience working within a structured Development Process (DO-178B, CMM / CMMI)
  • Should be excited to take on new challenge and follow through to completion
  • Knowledge of higher level components such as IP, UDP, TCP, USB, PCI, VME
  • DO-178B Experience
  • Ability to operate an oscilloscope, logic analyzer or bus analyzer
  • Ability to solder circuit boards

Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related field of study

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